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The project refers to a new garden and building wing of the Palace of Belém. The project integrates both architecture and landscape Program and Construction problems. The project of a new wing corresponds on the growing necessity for functional areas for the Presidents staff. The new Garden complements the needs for open representation spaces. The new building follows the typological principle of the Palace, the constructions creating hanging platforms for Gardens. The Garden itself, creates thermic and acoustic isolation for the building. The space of the new Garden is a platform of fine grass with a triangular shape, limited by several types of vegetal hedges, and rhythmed by a line of conical yews. Their scale, form and darkness creates the feeling of giant anthropomorphic figures, standing in one line and creating a vertical and virtual plane. The president is expected to speak to the public against this scenic presence. The space of the Garden becomes the representation of Power.

PROJECT DATE 1998 | COMPLETION 2002 | CLIENT Presidência da República | AREA 20 000 m2 | COST €337.751,02

TEAM author João Gomes da Silva with Helena Pato e Silva general coordinator JLCG Arquitectos, lda project coordinator João Gomes da Silva work coordination Victor Beiramar Diniz collaborators Jacoppo Pelegrini, Pedro Cardoso, Dahibi MacDomnhail irrigation project Bartolomeu Perestrello