Global, Arquitectura Paisagista, lda.

In 1997 Global, Arquitectura Paisagista is founded by João Gomes da Silva and Inês Norton, in Lisbon. Its subject is the investigation and development of concepts that arise from the ecological, social and economic transformations in the Global Landscape. It is composed by a group of landscape architects and architects and regularly collaborates with other landscape architects, architects, engineers, designers and artists, constituting a strongly personalised and professionalized structure integrated in an interdisciplinary dynamic network. Global Arquitectura Paisagista investigates, plans and develops projects within the scope of landscape architecture, including in its social subject the production of books and publications. The following stand out on a vast number of developed projects: Landscape for 'Bairro da Malagueira', in Évora; The Expo'98 precinct, in Lisbon; Landscape for Serralves Park, in Porto; The New Garden to Belém Palace, in Lisbon; The Camillo Tarello Park, in Brescia; Salinas Landscape Project, in Madeira; and the Ribeira das Naus Public Space in the Riverfront of the Pombaline Lower Town, in Lisbon. Amongst the most significant competitions the following are listed: in 2005, The Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education in Coimbra, with Inês Lobo, architects (1st place); in 2004, The 'Casa da Escrita' Garden in Coimbra, with João Mendes Ribeiro, architects (1st place); in 2003 The 'Parc du Mas Nouglier' in Montpellier, France (1st place); in 2000, The Camillo Tarello Park in Brescia, Italy, with Pellegrini and Inês Lobo (1st place); Masterplan for the Aguieira Park in Viseu (1st place); in 1999, The Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, with Inês Lobo (1st place); and in 1998 The New Garden to Belém Palace in Lisbon, with JLCG (1st place)..