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The project refers to the requalification of an extensive and neglected area, along the north side of the water surface of the Fishing Harbour of Póvoa do Varzim. This area complements a sequence of projects of requalification and refurbishment of the marginal urban space in Póvoa do Varzim. The intervention area corresponds to four different spaces along the margin, with variable dimensions and geometry. It's dominant southern solar exposition, and it's height proximity to the water surface, grant this space it's main quality and natural vocation to recreation. It's proximity to the ocean though, generates limitations in terms of vegetation. SPACES AND ELEMENTS The western area (approx. 3000m2) forms a space with a more residual character, between the main access to the harbor installations. The central area (approx. 5500m2) forms the main recreation space, offering a slightly sloped lawn orientated south and towards the water surface, according to the dune typology. Following this concept the posterior surface is covered by shrubs and herbaceous material resistant to salinity. This surface has a higher slope and is exposed to the northern wind. It is contained by a small wall and a linear bench, which simultaneously protect and limit the access through the stairs. The eastern area (approx. 5400m2) has a more concentric and convex shape, and it is covered by a lawn. By it's layout, this area provides a great capacity for active recreation. This justifies the later installation of a three-dimensional play structure for children. The Pavilion "dos Socorros a Náufragos" is covered by a wooden structure that contains the new sanitary installations, and storage areas. This is the only and significant built reference in the whole intervention area. A long wooden path defines the limit of the central space, in relation to the asphalt paving of access to the harbor pears. It's structure is used as a support for a discontinuous and intense lighting, that culminates in the lighting installation of Pavilion, with it's reflecting panels.

PROJECT DATE 2001 | COMPLETION 2004 | CLIENT Câmara Municipal da Póvoa do Varzim | AREA xx xxx m2 | COST €,xx

TEAM authors João Gomes da Silva, Inês Lobo and Gilberto Reis production Global, arquitectura Paisagista, lda + ILPD arquitectos, lda collaborators Pedro Oliveira, Rita Zina, Sebastião do Carmo Pereira structures AFA Consultores SA / Jorge Carneiro water infrastructure AFA Consultores SA / Paulo Silva quantity consultant Fidélio Santana lighting Gatangel, lda / Nuno Alexandre Pinheiro irrigation Bartolomeu Perestrello