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Salinas Swimming pools The designed landscape resulted from the understanding of landscape as a cultural process rather than a mere physical occurrence. Therefore specific landscape construction strategies as well as constructive processes that were inscribed onto the existing landscape situation were critically reused to inform the change of use. The drawing process did not search for mimesis but it aimed for coherence in the way of constructing and dwelling the landscape. The site transformation incorporates elements that articulate traditional techniques and traditional production systems to construct the landscape and to adapt it to the site-specific geomorphic conditions of Madeira's landscape. 'Poios', walls, up-levelled canals, vineyard trellis, meadows, banana groves, through contemporary design thinking and drawing processes introduced and represent a new interpretation for the use of the place. Award | FAD 2007 _ City and Landscape, Prémio Internacional de Arquitectura de Pedra 2007 Paulo David (architecture) + João Gomes da Silva (landscape architecture)

PROJECT DATE 2003 | COMPLETION 2006 | CLIENT Sociedade Metropolitana de Desenvolvimento | AREA xx xxx m2 | COST €,xx

TEAM authors João Gomes da Silva and Paulo David project coordinator Paulo David collaborators Victor Beiramar-Diniz, Kerstin Hauswald, Sebastião Carmo-Pereira, Catarina Raposo, Paula Gomes da Silva architecture Paulo David irrigation Bartolomeu Perestrello photography 1 – Global - Arquitectura Paisagista, lda / 6, 8, 9 and 10 – Fernando Guerra / FG+SG ( / 4 and 7 – Martin Sauter / 2, 3 and 5 - Leonardo Finotti