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The new urban park 'Tarello' is one of the most important green areas of the city of Brescia. Located on an industrial and agricultural area, in the Brescia's former southern periphery, the park creates an attractive centre for the growing district 'Brescia II'. This project understands landscape as an ecological and urban design solving infrastructure. The ability of defining a morphological limit, constituting an urban space, adding an ecological and environmental value to this city, as well as changing the space around this park and relating itself with it, demands a clarity that did not yet exist. New relationships with the surrounding urban space need to be designed, and also, connecting the pre-existing transportation infrastructures with new paths and ways is of great importance. The park is recognized as an urban infrastructure that mediates the historic city and the suburban south city. It was conceptualized and designed to structure the fragmented urban grid and to weave all its adjacent fragments. The park becomes a new centrality that marks the visual tension and a spacial continuity between the park landscape and the historic city, introducing a polarized relation between the new constructions and the former ones. The landscape structure and dynamic, both natural and built (water, topography, vegetation, irrigation and drainage canals and agrarian activity), are used to configure a new topology. The park is structured by a central clearing, that welcomes unpredictable and inclusive uses and works as a retaining water basin. The clearing retains and drains the water through a serial drainage system that runs through the park. The adjacent spaces to the clearing are supported by a diverse spatial experiences. One is related to the spatiality of the woodland and the other is depending on the diversity of each of its pocket gardens. The park is a unit that was designed to become a surface of continuity, a place where recreation happens freely and a sustainable designed landscape. It is an inclusive place for dwelling.

PROJECT DATE 2003 | COMPLETION 2007 | CLIENT Comune di Brescia | AREA 94 000 m2 | COST €3.491.585,28 (€37,15/m2)

TEAM coordinator C. Pellegrini project coordinator João Gomes da Silva authors Studio(Milão) C. Pellegrini, Jacopo Pellegrini, Teresa Figueiredo Marques Global (Lisboa) João Gomes da Silva, Inês Lobo collaborators Catarina Raposo, Victor Beiramar Diniz, Sebastião Carmo-Pereira, Pedro Oliveira photography Leonardo Finotti